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Uniform Policy

As of August 2004, The Department of Education and Communities issued an updated policy on school uniforms and general standards of dress. This policy reads:

3.1 "The Department of Education and Communities supports the wearing of school uniforms by students and the upholding of high standards of dress by students and staff"

1.3 "Decisions about school uniforms should be consistent with work health and safety, anti-discrimination and equal opportunity legislation. Aspects of the uniform related to safety, eg. safe footwear, eye protection

and hats, will need to be enforced as appropriate."

1.4 "Each school's uniform policy must be the result of formal consultation with students, teachers and parents or carers"

The Canobolas Rural Technology High School Parents & Citizens Association, the Student Representative Council, and teaching staff believe the school uniform is a desirable feature of the school for the following reasons:

Safety of Students

Intruders to the school grounds are easily identified if all students wear the required school uniform.

Some specialised classrooms present potential risks that specific clothing reduces risk of serious harm to students and staff working within that environment, for example leather enclosed footwear when working with chemicals, sharp and heavy equipment.

Learning Social Responsibility

We are bound by many societal rules with which we all must comply, including the general understanding that the overall welfare of the whole society may sometimes outweigh the individual beliefs of some of its members. An example would be road rules.

Training for the Workplace

Uniform and acceptable dress is commonplace in society. Many companies insist their employees wear uniform and non-compliance often means non employment. Students need to be prepared for this when they leave school.

Promoting a Positive Image to our Community

A positive image of the school will support students through our enhanced reputation in the community, support from local businesses and organisations through sponsorship, work experience or potential employment opportunities.

Uniform Prevents Competition

Having a uniform prevents students competing with each other by wearing expensive brand name clothing. A uniform provides a low cost, safe and sensible clothing option.

For these reasons TCRTHS community requires that students wear school uniform.

Uniform Details

Girls Uniform

Boys Uniform

  • White collared shirt
  • Bottle green pleated skirt OR black tailored pants (junior)
  • Bottle green check pleated skirt OR black tailored pants (senior)
  • White socks OR black stockings (worn with skirt)
  • Black enclosed leather shoes
  • Bottle green and white stripe tie (junior) - optional
  • Green check tie (senior only) – optional

Formal uniform–school blazer and tie

  • White collared shirt
  • Grey Shorts OR trousers
  • Grey or White socks
  • Black enclosed leather shoes 
  • Bottle green and white stripe tie (junior) - optional
  • Bottle green,white and gold stripe tie                      (senior only) – optional

Formal uniform–school blazer and tie

SRC executive formal uniform–black tailored trousers, school blazer and tie

  • Bottle green polar fleece jumper with school emblem / bottle green knitted jumper or bottle green hoody with school emblem or bottle green/white school jacket.
  • Black or plain green coat or parka or suitable plain waterproof coat.


For juniors to wear only on Wednesdays for junior sport or to be carried in bag to school to be changed into for PE/SPORT/PASS/SLR lessons.Students MUST change in to regular uniform following these lessons.



  • Bottle green and black shorts OR tracksuit         pants
  • Bottle green and black polo shirt
  • White or black socks
  • Sports shoes (no canvas)
  • Bottle green and black shorts OR tracksuit           pants
  • Bottle green and black polo shirt
  • White or black socks
  • Sports shoes (no canvas)


In keeping with the school's SUN SAFE policy, students are encouraged to protect their skin by wearing caps.These are for outdoor wear and must be removed when entering classrooms or the school assembly.

It is a requirement in accordance with WH&S regulations that students have enclosed leather shoes to acquire entry into particular classrooms. Dangerous materials and equipment in these practical rooms can endanger the individual and non compliance may result in the student being refused entry in some cases.

Due to the see through nature of white shirts and the cold climate experienced in Orange, white layers of clothing under the above uniform will be considered acceptable.

Rewards for compliance with the wearig of the school uniform

Students who take pride in their school, represent it with integrity and wear school uniform will be entitled to:

  • Represent the school in sporting teams, debating teams and other academic pursuits
  • Participate in special performances such as band or drama
  • Participate in extracurricular school excursions
  • Participate in special activities such as school discos, social functions or attending special sporting fixtures or performances
  • Participate and attend reward activities associated with the schools welfare structure
  • Receive special awards and recognition through the schools merit system
  • Be eligible for election onto the Student Representative Council
  • Be eligible for election onto the schools leadership team
  • Documentation of their support for uniform on their school reports and reference.

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