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Creative and Performing Arts

Creative and Performing Arts

 The Creative and Performing Arts (CAPA) Faculty aims to engage, inspire and enrich learning through stimulating the imagination and encouraging every student to reach their creative and expressive potential. We provide dynamic learning experiences in a supportive and enjoyable environment. Creativity, independent learning and critical higher order thinking skills, are central in our flexible teaching programs designed to meet the needs of individual students. Through studying the arts, students can learn to explore and express themselves as they discover and interpret the world around them directly contributing to the development of confident and creative individuals. All staff in the faculty are practicing artists and performers in their own right and have many years of combined experience both in the classroom and the wider community. 

Faculty Staff:

Ms Gabrielle Lindsay (Visual Arts - HT) 

Mr Matthew Caulfield (Visual Arts) 

Ms. Peta Coulston (Visual Arts) 

Ms. Rebecca Crouch (Music) 

Mr. Steven Logan (Music)

Stage 4: Year 7 and 8: NESA – Students must complete at least 100 hours of each. Completion of compulsory Visual Art and Music courses. 

Stage 5: Year 9 and 10 Electives– 200 hours Visual Arts, Visual Design, Ceramics, Photography, Digital Media, Music  and Drama

Stage 6: Year 11 and 12 Electives – 200 hours Visual Arts, Visual Design, Ceramics, Photography and Digital Media, Music, Drama 

Extra- Curricular

The Creative and Performing Arts are an essential and vibrant part of our school, offering experiences within and beyond the classroom. Students can unleash their creative flair through music performances, art competitions and exhibitions. In Music, the band and choir are mentored by teachers and tutors from the Orange Conservatorium of Music and these programs are open to all students whether you have experience playing an instrument or not. The groups meet at recess and lunchtimes on various days and students are proactively encouraged to participate in performances both at school and in the community. In art, “crafternoon” is a lunchtime group for students who are interested in additional time to work on artworks and Anime Art Club which runs every Tuesday at lunchtime. These groups run one lunchtime a week and all students are encouraged to submit practical work in competitions, such as the Orange Show (annually) and exhibitions as they arise.

The new Senior Creative Arts Building also offers the space and state of the art facilitiesand equipment which willenable our students to reach their full potential in allCreative Arts subjects in Stage 6.

Gabe Lindsay

Rebecca Crouch

Stephen Logan

Matt Caulfield

Peta Coulston