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Science Faculty

Science is a mandatory course that is studied substantially in each of Years 7–10 with at least 400 hours to be completed by the end of Year 10. This is a requirement for eligibility for the award of the Record of School Achievement.

Course Description

Science develops students' knowledge, understanding and skills to explain and make sense of the biological, physical and technological world, enabling them to make informed choices and responsible decisions as individuals and part of the community.

What will students learn about?

Through their study of science students develop a knowledge and understanding about the living and non-living world. Students examine the historical and ongoing contribution of scientists, including Australian scientists, to scientific research. They examine the impact on their lives of scientific knowledge and its applications to their communities and surroundings.

What will students learn to do?

Students work individually and in teams in planning and conducting investigations. They analyse data and information, evaluate issues and problems, identify questions for inquiry and investigation and draw evidenced-based conclusions. Through this problem-solving process they develop their critical thinking skills and creativity. Students apply and communicate their findings, understanding and viewpoints in a scientifically literate way when making informed decisions about the environment, natural and technological world.

Course Requirements

Practical experiences which emphasise hands-on activities will occupy a minimum of 50% of allocated course time. All students will be required to undertake at least one research project during each of Stage 4 and Stage 5. At least one project will involve ‘hands-on' practical investigation. At least one Stage 5 project will be an individual task.


Record of School Achievement

Satisfactory completion of the mandatory study of Science during Stage 5 (Years 9 and 10) will
be recorded with a grade on the student's Record of School Achievement.


Science Brochure (pdf 586 KB)



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