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COVID-19 Update 9 April 2020

School update 9 April 2020

The delivery and provision of education opportunities to all students at Canobolas Rural Technology High School (CRTHS) has evolved at great speed over the last two weeks. In these challenging times I take this opportunity to consolidate the messages that have been sent via social media, letter and other electronic means. I am aware that a small number of people have not received important information and this has caused concern. This letter contains steps to ensure that you and our students remain connected, informed and learning.


The Premier and Secretary have both indicated that schools will remain open however, parents and carers are encouraged to keep their children at home if they have the capacity to do so. Parents who are employed in an essential service business or profession (eg health care workers, teachers, emergency service personnel) and who require their child to be supervised so they can assist with the wider COVID-19 situation are able to send their children to school.


CRTHS staff have and are implementing a range of strategies that are ensuring the continuity of education for all students years 7-12. I have summarised the actions of our teams and school below.


Year 12

Year 12 classes are our priority as students prepare for the 2020 HSC. Students will have the opportunity to receive their HSC credential this year and continue with the next chapter of their lives, whether that is university, an apprenticeship, TAFE or employment. Our Careers teacher, Clontarf team, Girls Academy team and year advisor are available to support students with possibilities and advice about employment opportunities and pathways post school. The NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) regularly updates the advice to schools and students. The latest information can be found at Your class teacher will also help you to understand the latest changes.


Lessons are being delivered via online, face-to-face and booklet/hard copy work. This is allowing for students that have unreliable access to technology, either a physical device or the internet. Students are required to engage with the online or face-to-face delivery of year 12 lessons. Year 12 teachers will be available at school on Monday and Thursday each week over term 2 for a socially distanced but face-to-face delivery of lessons.



Year 11

Year 11 classes are equally important as students continue their journey and preparation for the 2021 HSC. Lessons are being delivered via online and booklet/hard copy work. This is allowing for students that have unreliable access to technology, either a physical device or the internet. Students are required to engage with Year 11 lessons.


Our Careers teacher, Clontarf team, Girls Academy team and year advisor are available to support students with education opportunities, advice about employment opportunities and learning pathways.


Years 7 – 10

Students should follow their normal timetables (where possible) and complete work either online or in booklet format. All work for core content areas is being uploaded to the students’ MS Teams space. Those students who are children of essential services staff such as health care workers, teachers and emergency services will be provided with supervision on school grounds. Departmental guidelines for this time state that teachers will not be “teaching” lesson content, rather will be there to facilitate and supervise students learning. Students will not participate in practical lessons for the remainder of this term given we are unable to offer practical lesson delivery through an online learning platform. It is expected that our students will complete the work provided in each of their periods and if they need additional work, parents should access this through the following website.


Work packages are to be dropped off in the tubs in the front foyer or via the MS Teams site for the year group and where possible use email to ask questions of their teachers.


Special Education

All families with children in our support unit have been emailed or provided with a hardcopy of the learning schedule for the remainder of this term and a package of resources.


Assessment Tasks

Year 12 assessment tasks will continue as per the assessment schedule. Students in Year 11 will continue to complete assessment tasks as per the assessment schedule however, tasks may be modified. Assessment tasks for students in years 7-10 will not be required to be completed. The assessment schedule will be altered and advised to students, parents and carer when students return to school-based classes in the future. Variations to Year 12 and Year 11 assessment task will be notified in writing.


Students without access to a digital device or wi-fi

For those families without access to a digital device or wi-fi at home, we have developed a set of literacy and numeracy resources that can be collected from school or mailed home if requested. Students who do not have access to digital technology and are attending school will be able to borrow a laptop each day to complete their classwork. Work collection days will be notified by social media and SMS to ensure you know when materials will be available. The next collection day for learning materials will be Tuesday 28 April, a schedule will be advised via social media and SMS during the second week of the school break. Students are expected to drop off the existing work package and collect the new work booklet. Students will need to ensure that their packages are labelled with their name and class.


Links to Online Learning

The links below will provide your student with the gateway link to their online learning environment.


Microsoft teams

Year 12 -

Year 11 -

Year 10 -

Year 9 -

Year 8 -

Year 7 -


School Counselling Services for students

The School Counselling services for students will continue to work as it currently does, albeit needing to work remotely. School counselling teams have today received explicit information on how to provide tele-school counselling services. The use of electronic communication enables school counsellors and school psychologists to continue to deliver services to students when face-to-face appointments cannot be provided. Requests for individual counselling sessions will continue as usual. Students or families can contact the school or speak to their teacher. The learning and support team in each school should also continue the usual referral process to the school counsellor and ensure that all families, students and staff are informed of what this is. Positive social connections are essential for mental health and can help us cope in times of stress. In the current crisis where we are being asked to distance ourselves from others it is so important that we maintain our social networks.


It is recommended that whilst you are supervising your children at home, they follow a routine to ensure that their learning can be a positive experience for both your child and yourself. This includes; going to bed and getting up at their normal time, following their timetable as best as they can to complete the work that has been set by their teachers, taking time when they would have a practical lesson (e.g sport) to go and do some exercise, eating healthy and emailing completed work to their teachers regularly.


These are not normal times and as such, we are doing things in a very different way. We want to ensure continuity of learning together. I thank you for your ongoing support.

Additional Information

NSW Dept Education


NSW Dept Health

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the school on (02) 6362 1677.

Scott Paterson