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Big Picture

What is the Canobolas Big Picture Academy?

The Canobolas Big Picture Academy accommodates self-motivated students who have a passion for something they would like to learn more about and wish to take control of their learning.

Students engage in rigorous, relevant and realistic learning programs with specific reference to individual passions, interests and post school pathways.

Adhering to the Big Picture Education learning framework, students, their parents and an advisory teacher develop Personalised Learning Plans based on their passions and interests. Collaboratively, goals are established to develop academic skills and personal qualities to make each student the best student they can be.

Through the Big Picture design, students engage with community mentors and are prepared for opportunities beyond school with an emphasis on relevance and real-world learning to empower students for future employment, study or enterprise.

Big Picture is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me. It pushed me out of my comfort zone and I have developed a stronger identity through my strong network of support of my advisory including Big Picture Advisors and my parents who have helped me along the way. I now feel more confident within myself and have developed strong personal qualities, recognising that I am learning a little bit more everywhere I go. I finally understand the importance of learning and education.

Nykoda, Year 9