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Intensive Learning Support Program (CILPS)

The COVID Intensive Learning Support Program (CILSP) at Canobolas Rural Technology High has proved beneficial with the school reporting learning gains for participating students in both literacy and numeracy target areas. Students are identified for the program through assessment data. Evidence and evaluations indicate that the small group tuition implemented by the school as part of CILSP, has improved student confidence and engagement in learning.  The program has been developed to support students who, due to COVID Lockdowns and learning from home, have identified gaps in their learning.

Here at Canobolas, CILSP provides students with a safe and supportive classroom environment. Students are scheduled to attend three period sessions per week. During their session, students work alongside a small group of their peers, developing their skills in literacy and numeracy. Tutors develop programs that target the learning needs of students based on deficits in learning outcomes identified through assessment. The small group setting provides an intensive and targeted learning environment outside their regular classrooms. During the program, students develop supportive connections with their tutors and peers. CILSP provides an opportunity for students to reengage and build a positive relationship with their education.